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Tax-efficient Investments

Investments strategies are unique to every individual. Some are chosen for safety and guaranteed returns, some for a particular event. Some of these are shown later on.
What many investors want, however, is to invest in a tax-efficient environment.

At Montgomery Paul we can advise on a wide range of tax-efficient investments, including EIS schemes, Business Property Relief, ‘AIM’ ISAs Unit Trusts and OEICs, taking into account your current and future tax position, your goals and ambitions

Managed Funds

At Montgomery Paul we have access to the whole investment market. We are in the privileged position to be able recommend any of London’ leading Discretionary Fund Managers, a choice of the most progressive Platforms and both onshore and offshore Bonds from the most prestigious Life Offices in the UK


“We all know we should utilise the tax saving benefits of ISA’s but where should we invest?

In simple interest-bearing cash ISA’s or more complicated equity based ISA’s that search for more of a return on your investment

Let us formulate the best route for you to maximise this crucial area of saving”.

School / University FEES

“Saving for your children’s school or university fees is one of the first goals for new parents.

We are all parents and understand the drive to provide them with the best start possible in life.

Let our advisors create the path to give your children the most positive start in life” – a great education”

Rainy Day Fund

“When we undertake our in-depth fact find in relation to your current situation and future plans and goals we will build in a safety net of easy access money for you to get hold of in emergencies.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a deposit account – there are various easy access options we would like to discuss with you”

Home Deposit

“Utilising a wide variety of investment opportunities, we will assist you to save up the deposit for your new home or next home.

We have products that lend themselves to doing exactly what you require – again we have them all at our finger tips ready to implement for you in your tailored plan.