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Personal Pensions

We take a holistic view of pension accumulation. We look at all of your plans and assist you to consolidate them into one manageable plan.

Since pension freedoms there has been a great movement of money into personal pensions.

We can help you manage your funds up to, at and after retirement, safeguarding your hard-earned retirement funds from Inheritance Tax, Creditors and Bankruptcy whilst advising on your decumulation options ensuring you have income at all times.

Pension Switches

“If you feel a little disappointed with the performance of your pension – don’t fret – we are here to save the day!

We will analyse your current pension against the whole of the market to provide a comparison that will enable you to decide if you want to move it to a new home.

Remember we are fully independent and have no favourites – just the most suitable pension for you.”

Pension Transfers

It is rarely a good idea to transfer your guaranteed income and death benefits from a ‘defined benefit’ scheme to a Personal Pension Plan. The decision to transfer therefore commences from a NO position.

It is only after our qualified pension transfer specialists have undertaken all of the necessary research and cash flow modelling and then tested the outcomes against your priorities, marital situation, needs, wants, your attitude to risk, and capacity for loss that we will present our view to you.
If we don’t think a transfer is in your best interest, we won’t carry out the transfer