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Wills & Trusts FAQ

Why do I need a Will?

Your Estate

Without a Will, the authorities will decide how and to whom your estate is distributed, which can result in problems for your loved ones that you leave behind. For example, if you are not married, your partner could be left with nothing. Or if you are single, what you leave could end up going to the State.

Your Children

Having a Will means you can appoint guardians for your children, which is even more important if both parents die – without a Will, the local authorities can appoint guardians for you.

Protecting Your Wealth

Another vital reason for having a Will is to make sure that what you leave is not inherited by those you do not want to access your funds for example, a future partner of your spouse or their children.

Leave an Amount to Charity

You can state in your Will an amount to leave to a Charity of your choice.


Some or all of what you leave can be put in a trust for different reasons:
For instance, so that your children receive it when they reach a certain age.
That your partner can have use of your assets during their lifetime but then ensuring the asset ends up with your children- not anyone else.
Protect money for children who have disabilities, so funds are used for their benefit without affecting any benefits

Why use Montgomery Paul?

We are experts in Will writing and asset protection, we will advise you based on a review your specific circumstances and recommend what to include in your Will. We will take every foreseeable scenario into account. The biggest benefit to our clients is peace of mind in the full knowledge they have looked at all scenarios. We provide home visits at no charge saving you time and hassle.
Most solicitors are knowledgeable in several legal areas and are not necessarily specialist Will Writers.

Why not use a DIY Will Kit?

A DIY Will can save you money upfront but if you get anything incorrect, you could cause your family and friends you leave behind a whole lot of trouble and concerns when they are sorting out your finances after you have died.
Also, if you use a Will template, the responsibility for your Will being correct is completely down to you. If there are any mistakes which cause problems when your Will is read, there will not be any legal comeback at all.
It could even mean that your Will is invalid, and the law will then decide who your money and property should go to.

What about Will Writing Companies Offering a very low price?

Unless your Will is to be very simple and standard (which is rare), we recommend that you avoid these companies. They usually provide a basic Will drafted from a simple template and are not experts or specialists in this important field of law. All of our Asset and Wealth Protection Consultants are fully trained and undertake Continual Professional Development to ensure their knowledge of this ever-changing field is fully up to date.