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Wills & Trusts

Why do I need a Will?

Your most valuable asset and most important possession happen to be your children!!

Everything else can be replaced and you can rebuild your life or your goals and dreams.

But you must secure the children.

By making a will – one of our guardianship experts will make certain that the children or the crown jewels as we like to call them will be in safe hands.


“I give my money to my brother then to my nieces”

Phrases similar to the one above are one of the reasons everyone should have a professionally written Will.

Once you have gifted something you cannot decide what happens… or can you?

A professionally written trust gives you the ability to direct and control you money from the grave.

You can decide that, as an example your spouse can have use of your assets when your gone but direct after his/her death they go to your children as opposed to their next spouse or their children. Remember if someone remarries it renders their Will invalid.

There are many invaluable uses for trusts within a Will, contact us for more information

Lasting Power of Attorney

Accidents, Strokes, Heart Attacks and every other cause of Mental or physical Incapacity ARE NOT AGE RELATED. These can strike at any time. In many respects having an LPA is more important than having a Will.

If you are incapacitated who do you trust to look after your financial and medical decisions? Someone you know and trust or someone appointed by a government department?

Funeral Plan

No one wants to leave the family with expenses at this time.

Speak to one of our advisers who will be able to discuss what’s available in the market and recommend the best solution for you.

There are a range of plans available to suit your budget and requirements. Funeral plans we offer can even be paid for by monthly instalments.

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